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Midi Meyhem

Pretty sweet original music developed by Joshriot
Released:May 12th, 2003
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Release Notes:1.0
May 14th, 2003
Score : 7.5 good
Songs are a vital part of all games and therefore I think writing midis should nearly always be applauded. Joshriot's midimeyhem are pretty good.

Now, what is so good about them?
I liked that some of the midi's sound alike but call up moods that are different. I'm not sure if Joshriot did this on purpose, but it's good to have a joyfull midi but also a sad or suspenseful midi that has a similar theme. Furthermore, some of the songs are really experimental with an odd ritme and I can imagine using the small midis of less than one minute when Dink meets a new character who doesn't justify a whole new song.
What didn't I like?

I think only some of the midi's justified the use of drums and beats. Using drums and beats samples often makes midi's sound like evolved elevator or shopping mall tunes, instrumental versions of popsongs which normally would have vocals. I'm not really a fan of intrumental pop with the exception of some new wave classics.
So overall midimeyhem scored a 7.5