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Lantern Flickering

August 21st, 2010
Score : 5.0 fair
I had written a 0.0 review for the flickering lantern a long time ago, based on the fact the flickering lantern looks like shoot, the static effect is much better.

Coming back to this years later, the original still looks better, although the flickering version isn't outright horrible as I remembered. The idea of a flickering lantern could work, this just isn't it. Perhaps if the lantern didn't flicker like crazy, or only flickered when you move.

The cool thing about this file is the test dmod, which is actually a pretty fun miniquest (better than most dmods on this site in the sub 4 caste) and the cool new midis that were made by Kindanue, although he does say in the readme he would appreciate people asking him before using them.