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Item Icons Pack

April 30th, 2013
Score : 5.0 fair
Peasant Male Japan xbox steam bloop
Responsible for making things not look like ass 
There's over 800 graphics in here, yet hardly anything useful. Also, the graphics look like Microsoft Word clipart.

There's folders for: bats, birds, bull, insects, pets, snakes, and then a various folder with graphics for footprints, a bear, a crocodile, an elephant, and eye, a frog, a lion, a lizard, a mouse, a pig, a rabbit, a snail, a unicorn, and a wolf.

There's graphics for: hats, mittens, ribbons, shirts, sunglasses, an umbrella, and wizard hats.

Five graphics for different crosses.

There's folders for: bread, drinks, fruit, icecream, meat, and a various folder with graphics for a can of beans, carrots, cereal, cheese, eggs, honey, and ketchup.

There are 22 graphics for gold in here.

This folder includes: bandages, health crosses, and even hospital like 'H' graphics, a cup with a straw in it, a picture with with lines for a steady heartbeat, a few x-ray looking graphics, and two images that look like a guy in a cast.

There's folders for: keys, kitchen, light, paper and books, tools, and a various folder with graphics for bags, baskets, battery, bed, bell, brickwall, broom, can, clocks, presents, vases, and a well.

Human Body
The folder includes graphics for a bone that looks like a dog treat, five different eye graphics, and two hearts.

This folder includes graphics for crowns, gems, necklaces, and rings.

This folder has six graphics of beakers or jars with some sort of liquid in them.

There's folders for: Halloween- which is just a folder with jack-o-lanterns inside, Skeletons and stuff, and a various folder with graphics for a devil, dragons, ghosts, monsters, and a witch.

This folder contains graphics of a whole bunch of different colored musical notes, and a few different instruments(two drums, a lute, and trumpets).

This includes a folder called flora, with two folders inside that are flowers and plants. The plants is actually just filled with leaves.
There's a forces of nature folder, which includes different weather related things, and a few disaster-like things.
There's a folder called sea, which includes various fish and shells.

This folder contains graphics for medals and trophies.

There's folders for: stars, sun, triangle, warning, and a various folder with symbols that I don't know how to describe.

A beach ball, a bunch of balloons, and a bucket.

A few bombs, some explosions, dynamite, tnt, a bunch of shields, some swords, what might be a dagger in a hand, and two axes.

Maze, horseshoes, a patch that says "our hero", flags, dice, dart, cubes.

One thing that really bugged me about this was the names of the images. Take the various folder right above this. The names for the images would go, maze01, horseshoes01, horseshoes02, hero01, flag01, flag02, dice01, darts01, cube01, cube02.
There's so many different names that you'll either have to use a new sequence for each thing, or rename it. And if you plan on using a lot of them, you'll have to do quite a bit of renaming.

There's a lot of graphics in here, but none that are very useful. You may find one or two graphics that you could actually find a use for in your dmod.
August 25th, 2003
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant Male Australia
There are over 800 items bmps in this pack. That is huge! And it seems they have all been resized and re-paletted for Dink which is great. But so many… are they all useable. Probably not, but for those people who can’t create their own graphics this pack is bound to have something in it worth using. You’ll just have to use a good graphics browsing program

I looked at a random bunch and about 3 in 10 struck me as being useful. But I have a high standard.

Overall 8 out 10.
October 1st, 2002
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant Male United States
I give this a 8.0 because it's never been done before, and has a heck of a lot of graphics all sized for Dink items, with only minor problems. The problems are that there is (still!) at least one icon not in the Dink Palette (fire03.bmp) which may look bad in the game and the quality of the initial images ranges from quite good to not-so-good. Also I have a hard time imagining how one could ever use some of these. A trilobite for example, but maybe that's just a fault with my imagination.