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Hotel of the Middle Night

Holy hell, that is gory. It's your job to find out
April 18th, 2009
Version 1.00
Score : 7.9 good
Peasant He/Him New Zealand
I'm pretty sure I'm worth atleast SIX goats... 
This game is really good, i enjoyed the concept of a horror/mystery d-mod.
the part where he hears the "get out!" thing really freaked me out, if that was your intention then good job! Then again i was playing it in the middle of the night! ^_^

the good- the gameplay awsome. the story and plot awsome.
scare factor maybe 65%

the bad- sometimes you get walk into invisible barriers
alot of unused screens. you also left a bunch of save files on it!

by the way where IS that friggin key?