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Moon Child

The unlikely hero returns! This time he is sent to the Moon. Lucky for him the moon in this game is completely unrealistic. Dink's quest is for the one known as the Moon Child. She asks him to slay a giant blue moon pig. Thus the quest begins.

This is a non-combat Dmod. There are various things to fight with, but they are completely optional.
Released:October 6th, 2014
File Size:3.10 MB
Release Notes:fixed some issues that were created when I rewrote all the scripts. One of the issues made it impossible to get one of the endings.
I added a few hints.
Placed some sprites.
Added a new script.

The last two happened because I got bored.

Anyways, I think/hope this will be the final update.
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March 31st, 2013
Score : 7.5 good
This is an exploration dmod, a la Furball. The map is gorgeous, and there is lots of stuff to see and interact with. The world has an otherworldly quality to it, so it's not difficult to imagine that you really are on the moon.

The story is interesting, but has minimal development, which is a shame. I feel like the culmination of the story should have been at the first-third point, and the things that happened in the last two minutes of the game could have been greatly elaborated on. The dmod also has many small sidequests, some of which were quite intriquing, and often could be solved in at least two different ways... Choices are great, although there's little effect to the rest of the Moon: Place B or Place C won't so much as bother to comment on the fact you left Place A as a smoldering grave. More connectivity would have been great, but it's not a big deal.

The thing that brought down my enjoyment of Moon Child was how difficult it could be. At times, little to no hint was given as to where you're supposed to go, and certain paths were insanely difficult to find. (Pigfeeeeed!) Exploration is fun, meticulously combing every screen in the dmod, most of which you've already seen, is not nearly as much fun. In fact, it's not very much fun at all!

Anyway, it's a good dmod. If you've come this far, you should definitely play it.
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