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Hotel of the Middle Night

Holy hell, that is gory. It's your job to find out
February 24th, 2010
Score : 8.0 good
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Yes, this is a review to my own D-Mod. For this review, I will try to put aside my ego, and actually go through the aspects of this game like if it was made by a completely different person.

First and foremost, there is no guarantee that you will like this D-Mod. It is completely based on solving puzzles and talking to people. No fighting is included either, so you will either like this game as a different style of D-Mod, or you will hate it.

On his quest to defeat another evil plot of Cast, Dink decides to sleep over a night in a hotel named Middle Night. During the night, Dink finds most of the hotel folks killed by an unknown threat. He then discovers who/what has been murdering all the people, and at the same time, he gets more information about the hotel.

As pointed out previously, this D-Mod includes no fighting but is purely based on solving puzzles and talking to specific people. The player never discovers anything before Dink does (unless he guesses), so it brings the player closer to the main character of the game.
Usually, if you wander around the island or inside the hotel enough, you will find out what you need to do, although sometimes searching for stuff can be quite frustrating.
It should also have been pointed out that the bed is used to save in this game.
The player is also given a chance to leave the island whenever he feels like it. This creates a more realistic feeling. This ending is classified as "bad ending", even though you know Dink is safe by that time.

The graphics are used quite well in the D-Mod, in my honest opinion. The new graphics are made by other Dinkers, but they still fit the D-Mod. As far as I know, nobody has never used the night tiles before, and they fit extremely well into this D-Mod, and create the correct atmosphere. The other new graphic is the cloaked guy, who can be seen in one of the cut-scenes.

The mapping is quite boring and can frustrate the player. More details should be added. The map also has quite a many hardness errors. Overall, the map is decent.

Music and sounds:
Music and sounds are gathered together through the internet. This is probably most people's favourite aspect of this D-Mod, seeing as they create most of the atmosphere to the D-Mod.

Original storyline, great use of soundtrack, gameplay is quite good and very original for a D-Mod.

The map badly needs more details and suffers from some depth- and hardness issues.

A good and original D-Mod that gives you a great "horror hour".

Fit for:
Basically anyone. There are no guarantees that you like it though. Either you love it or hate it.

Final words:
Beware for part 2.