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Honor of the Cast: The Honor's Time

The title from HOC 2
April 5th, 2007
Score : 0.9 horrible
Bard He/Him Netherlands
I object 
The easiest way to make a trilogy is to make the individual parts as small as possible. This simple conclusion seemingly forms the basis of the Honor of the Cast series. While the first part (called slimes) cost about 30 seconds to complete, this DMOD actually cost me 1:15 (clocked with a stopwatch). This way it is an improvement over part 1, but since this is not the first DMOD this author released I feel I can be a bit more critical. Let me sum up what I thought of this DMOD:

First of all this DMOD has the same style of talking that I hated in the first part. That is the text is just given on the bottom of the screen for everybody except Dink himself. I think it's poorly executed this way, but each to his own.

This DMOD has another, more serious problem, namely that it's one of the smallest DMOD that has bugs. First of all the statusbar doesn't show, a bit of a problem when fighting boncas. Secondly the first fight places a fence so that you get the impression that you need to fight the boncas before you can move on. This isn't really true, there's a hole in the fence which allows you to walk through it. And that's actually a good thing too since the fence doesn't disappear after you've beaten the boncas.

The story is no good either. There's a good idea behind it, but it's poorly executed. Yes the idea to make Dink a soldier of the Cast is not that bad, but it has been compressed to the extreme in an apparent effort to make the DMOD as short as humanly possible. If the author would take four weeks instead of four days to make his DMODs things would already improve much.

So to sum it up:
This DMOD is way to short to be playable, and it requires that you play through part one. in fact part one and two are just one (short) DMOD split into two. I would recommend to the author to put all his next DMODs together and release it as a single file.