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Higgledy Piggledy

Cropped version of screenshot originally taken by DrunkPunk.
Stonebrook is being overrun by evil pigs. Help Dink save his home town!
Released:April 3rd, 2010
File Size:91.48 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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April 24th, 2013
Score : 5.2 fair
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This game is fun maybe three times. It's just too repetitive and there doesn't seem to be any real desire to replay it. A game like this really needs a high score board.

Story: Stonebrook is overrun with evil pigs and Dink has to kill them all.

Map: It uses regular ol' Stonebrook as the map. I'm not sure if it was edited at all. Well except for there being a massive amount of pigs everywhere.

Sounds&Midis: The midi used is one dinkdude made himself and I gotta say, it's pretty awesome. I think the only sounds are the default ones.

Gameplay: There are three difficulty levels to this game. "Unlosable", "Regular", and "IMPOSSIBLE!!". All you do is go around and kill pigs with either your fist or your fireball magic. The pigs will target you and hit you for touch damage though, so they're not helpless creatures.

This isn't a very entertaining dmod.