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Goblinoma Z

How not to map. From the COTPATD project.
April 11th, 2003
Score : 3.2 tolerable
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Goblinoma Z by O. Ellis

The Good: A small Dmod, where Dink has to fight a monster (sound familier?). Pretty well every monster made a surprise appearance in this dmod, although why, I wasn't sure. The one really good thing was the *fist* which when you finally found it, was almost invincible.

The Bad: I did alot of tree walking and walking right through the trees'.
Got stuck in corners, as the map (??) is small by any standards. The people weren't to chatty, and except for the one *small secret* there were no others (i.e. caves, hidden underground passages...etc.)to be found, although we had the fireball (and only the fireball), to burn trees for no reason.

Overall: Maybe with all the bugs fixed, and the story expanded, it could be worth playing.