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Friends Beyond 3: Legend of Tenjin

A flower loving bonca. Let's bash him over the head with a sword! This is HALF of the game. From the COTPATD project.
October 12th, 2002
Score : 9.5 exceptional
This DMOD would be #4 in my "top 5 favorite DMODS" list. I played through it happy or sad (it can get dramatic) face, but always enjoyed playing it. For one thing, there's the new interface the other reviews are talking about. It's very good, as are the icons. I liked the leveling-up system. When you gain certain status, like 3 magic and 1 defense, you can learn fireball. The graphics on Sid were excellent, but the game's more than just pretty NPC's and doo-dads. The plot is an extremely strong point in this DMOD. Wesley did very well on storyline, and I can't wait to see her next DMOD. A lot of the midis were from Chrono Trigger, but I can live with it if they really set the mood. With two maps, Wesley showed Dinkers that they could make their map as big as they want. I found this was a great inspiration for new authors. I enjoyed this DMOD, and you will too.