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Released:January 20th, 2019
File Size:31.36 MB
Release Notes:** New sound replacements: burn.wav/nono.wav/save.wav/axe.wav and improved stairs.wav (thanks Iwan Gabovitch)

** New Turkish translation (thanks Mesutcan Kurt)

** Updated Esperanto translation (thanks Felipe Castro)

** Updated Spanish translation (thanks Francisco Javier Serrador)
Released:April 1st, 2017
File Size:30.96 MB
Release Notes:It's been a while since I sync'd FreeDink-data here
Not an April fool, but I'm still happy to have make the release this day

* v1.08.20170401

** New sound replacements
New sel1.wav (Bark K.) and stairs.wav (Bas Wijnen)

** New Swedish translation (thanks Josef Andersson)

** Updated Catalan translation (thanks Àngel Mompó Llovet)

** Updated Spanish translation (thanks Benno Schulenberg)

* v1.08.20140901

** New sound replacements
New open.wav (thanks Iwan Gabovitch)
New lovin.ogg by gachopin (thanks Digvijay for pointing the CC BY version)

** Catalan translation (thanks Àngel Mompó Llovet)

** Hungarian translation (thanks Úr Balázs)

** Add 2 translatable strings and their translations
(conversation with Libby in Story/S1-H3-L.c)

* v1.08.20121209

** New sound replacements
New bhit.wav, grunt1.wav, grunt2.wav, punch.wav, swing.wav; improved sword2.wav (thanks Petteri Tolonen)

** Esperanto translation (thanks Felipe Castro)

** Finnish translation (thanks Petteri Tolonen)

** Partial Croatian translation (thanks Tomislav Krznar)

** Improved Danish translation (thanks Joe Hansen)
Released:October 22nd, 2011
File Size:26.03 MB
Release Notes:Ofir and Joshua contributed 5 new sounds, to replace non-free/non-redistributable music from the original Dink game. And 4 of them are original, completely new songs - make exclusively for GNU FreeDink!

- 7.mid: Darklands (Joshua O'Leary)
- 12.mid: inside GoodHearth castle (Joshua O'Leary)
- 18.mid: End Boss (Joshua O'Leary)
- 5.ogg: Tavern/bar in Terris (Ofir Mo)
- 13.ogg: Church (Johann Pachelbel's Canon, MIDI by Ofir Mo)

(The song can be edited using the RoseGarden project files present in the freedink-data source package.)

Bas Wijnen and Juan Valencia Escalante also improved the Dutch and Spanish translations respectively.

And there's also a game bugfix: when you didn't have a free inventory slot and tried to buy a bow in Kernsin, the game froze. This is now fixed. Thanks to Bas Wijnen for the report.
Released:March 21st, 2010
File Size:24.46 MB
Release Notes:- 3 new translations
- 1 new sound effect
- a sample D-Mod (add-on) to test free sound replacements
- a couple typos fixed

Additional details can be found at: