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Forest of Doom

January 20th, 2011
Score : 8.2 good
Ok here we go!

Graphics: 12/10
loved these there were tons and tons of brand new graphics yes 12/10 best new graphics in a d-mod iv ever seen (except maybe SOB).
I especsialy liked the spiders that jump down from trees they were pretty epic!!

Story 6/10
Had a great storyline but the problem with it was that it was an exact copy of a book "Forest of Doom by lan livingstone" (a choose your own adventure book) and it had all the random events and quite a few same mosters and such.

Gameplay 7/10
Some nice looking monsters and such but it was incredibly hard gameplay and even after cheating to give myself an extra 10 def and att
i still had a really hard time.
i would have given it 8/10 but there was no magic and getting another weapon other then fit was really hard.

Sounds 8/10
Barley any midis but hade some really great sonds so a solid 8/10

overral a good D-mod i suggest it to anyone who wants a good adventure