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May 19th, 2007
Score : 8.7 good
Story:N/A: Nothing really, just a few levels that you can fight in with Dink Smallwood, a goblin, an archer, a wizard and something else that I forget.

Gameplay:7.9:Good: I like that Dink now has a boomerang weapon. Also that you are creative with the sizes of the monsters on each level. I had not found any bugs or anything.

Style:9.1: Exceptional: I liked the fact the you could choose between five characters. I personally found it easier while using the goblin, and more difficult when using the mage (because you had to wait a while for the spells to regenerate.)
I also liked that each level/map started with the same letters. Example Given: Pillbug Plains.

Graphics: 5.0:Tolerable: I found no new graphics or sprites.

Bad things: Only a few levels and monsters gave gold which was useless since there was no places to spend it in.

Overall: Good d-mod (8.7)