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Fall of Darkness

From the COTPATD project.
August 13th, 2009
Battlefield Demo v0.95
Score : 4.0 tolerable
Peasant He/Him bloop
I was looking around at the different reviews for a tip of a good D-Mod to play. I noticed that “Fall of Darkness” had received stunningly good points from a certain reviewer. My curiosity grew and I felt that I had to try this one. I’ve only played Skulls early D-Mods, “the honor of the cast” series and the “Kill & Bill” series. All I can say; they were just… awful.

I must admit that Skulls ability to create D-Mods have greatly improved since the first I mentioned above. However, this D-Mod didn’t give me the slightest feeling of enjoyment, that’s a bad thing… The story is very unclear, you’re a member of the “Knews” people and your first quest is to get in a cave and discover some kind if artifact. Well, a decent, slightly confusing beginning… fair enough. The first encounters you meet in the cave are some flying skulls. This was very unpleasant because there was a small cutscene, in which the skulls could harm your character when you were still frozen. Very annoying. After the cutscene you have to destroy those skulls. This is nearly impossible to do; the skulls have an ENORMOUS amount of defense, hit points and attack. They also move very “buggy”. The only way I was able to kill them in, was to exploit the Dink engine and move up at the wall, despite the fact that you shouldn’t do that. I cheated and added 85 mega potions at the first screen. I still had to hit them around 3-4 times before they died.

Further on, the map is poorly decorated and the story isn’t very good, I don’t know if I understood it right but you were suppose to retrieve an artifact which an image of yourself also is trying to get? Mostly confusing.

The music was mostly good, but the new sound effects (like when your character got hurt) were horrible. Skull used a LOT of graphics pack, mostly created by SimonK. I feel that adding a large amount of new graphics are more annoying than pleasant if the rest of the D-Mod can’t keep up with that kind of quality.

Even though I didn’t enjoy this D-Mod, I have faith in Skulls growing ability in creating D-Mods, and I know the next D-Mod he release will be jaw-dropping compared to his previous.

Score: 4.0