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Fall of Darkness

From the COTPATD project.
September 21st, 2008
Battlefield Demo v0.95
Score : 6.5 fair
Peasant United States
keep it real 
in fall of darkness you play as the spike character created by simon. you only have two weapons throughout the game, fist and fireball. i suspect most people wont even bother getting past the first screen of the game. if you have the patience and read the discussion on the dmod you can hide on the side of the screen and hit the skulls 150 times each (yes 150 times) to kill them only to get to the next screen to have to do it again.

now the first major problem is that you can stay outside of the hardness and keep walking around up on the cliff. i talked to the prisoner in the gate from outside the cliff and then got warped inside of the cliff to some table where i had to fight a goblin that was pretty easy. then i advanced to the next screen where i killed another easy goblin then killed the queen.

then next you "fall through the floor" i guess and go kill a dragon that takes around 300 hits to kill and the game is over.

i also noticed a major bug with the healthbar towards the end of the game.

summary: not really worth a download. shows slight potential if the authors seriously rework the combat aspect. bugs need to be fixed. however the only redeeming quality is the game shows some pretty good scripting (when the bugs dont distort it) and creative use of graphics. lets hope the next version will be better, or at least playable.