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Fairy Goodness Online

March 25th, 2006
Score : 7.2 good
An interesting and original idea. I was not successful with the link-up, but it is still a neat concept. As a game this was actually fairly basic in construct, with its only true outstanding merit being that it gives you the option of playing multiplayer... that and of course the killer pig feed.

***Plot: This dmod seems to lack one... but that is alright saying that this was more of an action-arcade fair than an adventure.
***Graphics: No original graphics in this one, and use of varied monsters seemed rather silly to me as they can all be killed in one hit. the pig feed and blood graphics cluttered up in a few instances, making the terrian look somewhat disturbing
***Sound: The sounds were normal, and not too bothersome, put the pig feed did seem a little too (explosive?) for me. This only had one midi, which was a good one, except that it was too short and needed to either be extended or looped.
***Gameplay: Fun action game where you mindlessly blow critters up with pig feed. (What? were you expecting something else?) The levels needed to be more varied from each other, since they were exactly the same from one another except that you had to blow a few more things up and the terrain was differant... they still felt the same. A major flaw I found was that the level ended before I could finish killing stuff, causing them to kill me instead. (Don't understand... you would have to try it for yourself then...). Online gameplay is a boon.

***Final Score: 7.2

What more is there to tell? This is a novel concept, though buggy and annoying, still an enjoyable little dmod. If you have sometime to kill then play this... if your still expecting rpg elements to Fairy Goodness, there aren't any really. I tell you this so that you don't go expecting to slay dragons and rescue damsels in distress or anything like that... All you do in this dmod is blow stuff up with pig feed- trust me.I hope to see more use of multiplayer dmodery in the future... saying that this SOMEONE turns out to be a somebody, and not nobody...