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You walk on the trees, but not on the grass. From the COTPATD project.
August 6th, 2010
Score : 0.3 horrible
Peasant They/Them
The Dark Lord of the DN. 
The Concept
Well, Dink is invisible in the first map and there are a few worthless things to do here like turning off certain keys that do almost nothing at all. Then you teleport into a place where pillbugs p'wn you and you can only walk on trees.
The Mapping and the Scripting
First off, the title graphic is just a scribble. We're off to a great start here. Something neat though is you can shoot fireballs diagonally. But that's pretty messed up because they can hit themselves. The scripts make no sense either. There are people in the first map that speak nonsense like, "hit me to turn off item quick keys" or something like that. Why would I need that if there are no items to equip in the first place?! I could have at least had my fist right!? The maps are total mayhem. Why am I walking on portions of trees and pies?! Why is there a savebot you can't even reach? That's only a few annoyances this game throws at you. Why is this game even called Ex-Peppermint when it has nothing to do with Peppermints? When you get to the action parts, you will be surprised that the pillbugs are so strong. Really, these guys take away about 33% of your HP in one touch. There's really no point in fighting them unless there's a screenlock and when that happens, you'd might as well get a cheat program. I hate the MP system too. My fireball is charged but I can't cast! Come 'on! That's so ridiculous. I hated the overall layout of the maps. They were so empty and the ones that were filled were because of giant food items.
Overall, this "DMOD" is horrible. I'll be the first to say, stay away from this one. It seriously isn't worth it.