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Elves of Rathor

August 24th, 2004
Score : 5.5 fair
Peasant Male Netherlands
Lava pig to the rescue! 
Graphics: Hmm... yeah well... there were new graphics... There were only 2new graphics that could actually move.. And I don't know where their "middle" is as you had to hit the demon a few inches lower than he actually was standing... Funny beaver graphics and some strange looking other graphics. And, suddenly.. I walk from snow...into summer looking grass... Kinda funny how that was possible... I guess a 6,5 out of 10.

Story: The story... The "author" sends you away on a adventure.. The adventure is a "safe the prinsess" story. Kind of funny who did it actually.. Ah well, find out yourself.. 6 out of 10.

Gameplay: Well, first of all, the game is very easy. You get a lot of easy opponents at a fast rate of expierence. So you level up very fast. You also get a heck of a lot potions on your journey which makes you almost invincible. Then, to finish it, you also get a Big Red Heart after every encounter with a demon... I don't think many people will have any problems finishing this. There were a lot of bugs too, but I'll name them later on...
4 out of 10.

Midi's: Hmm... One new midi I believe?? A few sounds for the beavers but that's about it... 4 out of 10

Likes: It's funny to kill the beavers. Also funny to be überstrong for once 4 out of 10

Dislikes: Yeah well... The story is pretty lame actually.. Bit of fun though. But there were a lot of bugs allowing me things that shouldn't be allowed I think. There are millions of hardness errors. You can walk through walls, walk over oceans, and I walked, from the hermits house, east the whole time allowing me to walk over all the trees till the end coming on a place I shouldn't come yet.. Underneath that elve city.. You should also check your depth dots of your houses a bit as when you walk up north dink disappears but when you walk south dink appears to be able to stand on the wall... And as I mentioned before, I had to hit underneath the demons to hit them, as well as talking to the little childrens... Also, the game doesn't finish... Once you finished the game I think you should just add a little
to the script and the game will automatic stop. This way you won't get the last discussion again and again. Dislikes are a lot of weidger... 2 out of 10.

OVERALL SCORE: 4.4, let's make it a 5,5 as it is your first dmod. Try to fix those errors/bugs up a bit, and I think it should really be a 5,5 or 6. But I guess this will just be a dmod to play if you have 20spare minutes left.