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Easy. :D
January 7th, 2011
Score : 7.0 good
This is a port of one of the oldest and most awesome video games in existence: Pong.

You can play against the computer, with varying levels of difficulty, or against another person, which is really nice. The number of dmods that are playable by multiple people simultaneously can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Hell, even Skull's hand probably has enough fingers.

The game's coolest feature is the ability to select different "levels" on which to play that use various animals as balls. It gives Dong a familiarity with Dink, rather than just being Pong on the Dink engine, and it increases the game's lifespan, although the suave classic pong layout is probably the one you can look at the longest without getting bored.

Unfortunately, Dong's gameplay is a bit lacking. When you move the paddle, it doesn't stop unless you stop it with another press of the button or until it reaches the edge of the screen. You also don't get a lot of control over the ball. However you try to hit it, there only seem to be a few directions it can go, and I found myself winning more when I just focused on making sure my paddle would hit the ball, without even trying to shoot the ball in different angles so that the opponent couldn't reach it.

Despite its good points, Dong doesn't have a very long lifespan. It's not enough fun to be played often or for long periods of time, it's more notable simply for being Pong- another arcade game that can be replicated on the Dink engine. I think that the gameplay could still be improved, though, perhaps even enough so that it could be a very entertaining pong game completely on its own right.
April 19th, 2010
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Sweden bloop
Life? What's that? Can I download it?! 
Dink + Pong = Dong? That's right. This is a pong clone made using the Dink engine. With Dink graphics and 2P support, it couldn't be better.

The music goes well with the theme, 4 difficulty levels when facing the computer and you can change the amount of score that is needed to win.

One cool feature is that you can change which "ball" to use. You can choose from four, even the classic pong ball.

Nicely scripted classic, Rabidwolf9! And the 2P works very well.

You got... 9.9 points! Flawless.