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Dinky Dimensions 1: FIAT

A scene from the minigame Dinkaxian minigame. From the COTPATD project. Here we have an extremely detailed screenshot of Dink trying to shake hands with Mr. Fire Pillbug.
January 21st, 2002
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant United States
keep it real 
keep in mind that i have not beaten FIAT yet because my computer still freezes when i kill it, so if something spectacular happens for the ending, it is not reflected in this review.

the intro was wierd. i think it could have been better. not too dramatic or impressing. the early stages of the game were pretty basic. not much of a story, not much action. the first dungeon was real bad. the only neat thing was the bridges, but the whole place looked screwy. the knight was great, challenging, and it had an interesting attack. this is the first part that got me interested. everything gets much better from here on. all the dungeons have unique puzzles, and some of the knights are really fun to fight. others are not. there are many original and humorous elements to this dmod, but the difficulty seems unecessarily unbalanced. some tasks are very easy, while others are very frusterating. one solution that i particularly got a kick out of was the solution to defeating a new character with a skull for a head. very nice. the following cutscene was cool too. one of the most dramatic ones ive seen in dink. all in all, the game is fun as long as your willing to put up with a few tedious partitions.

music was great. the midis are uplifting and dance worthy. i want to get my mojo working right now, baby. the rocket's sound effect is almost as cool as falling in quicksand in SOB.

graphics suck. they just suck. and i mean suck. i guess the skull guy is cool, but everything else sucks. the elementals look like trash. well, at least the fire and wind ones. i guess the graphics arent really all that sucky.

plot is good in some places, but i really didnt "get it" in most places. i still dont get it. whats the deal with the plot here? maybe there is a plot, but i just didnt grasp it. what i do know is: some wizard has unleashed magic. elemental monsters roam, guarded by knights. go somewhere, do stuff, kill a knight, go to next place. however, there are nice quest along the way, but i still dont get it.

secrets are neat. i still havent gotten to see them in action, but finding them is neat.

i give FIAT a 9.0. i do not think it is the best dmod ever made, but it makes most other dmods look like a joke.