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A little application that allows D-Mod authors to easily check the values of nearly everything stored in a save game file.
Released:October 9th, 2003
File Size:26.11 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
November 2nd, 2003
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Sweden
This program extracts all information in a save game (global variables, items and magic, and some more things) and writes it down in a html-file.

Purpose: I don't know the real purpose of this program, more than it let you read all data in a savegame.
I found this program useful when I corrected bugs in my DMOD, caused by incorrect update of global variables. If you suspect that a script changes a global variable in a way it shouldn't (or fails to update it), you can:
save the game, extract the table of global variables with this program, note the value(s) of the global variable(s) you're interested in, play the game again and intract with some script, save, use the program again and see how the globals have changed.
I located the source of some errors in this way when testing my DMOD.
Sometimes there is also nice to know what value every global variable has at a certain state in the game. For instance, when Dink enters a new part or 'world' in the game, that you're starting to develope, it could be nice to know what value all globals holds so far in the game.
Of course, you can always let some script say the values of globals when developing, but then you have to change in/add those scripts. This is a better (and faster) way getting this information.

Conclusion: You can use this program when you want to know what value every global variable holds at a certain state in your DMOD. It could also be useful when testing and developing a DMOD. The program is easy to use.