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Dink's Nightmare

Me spamming Hellfire! at level 530!
December 26th, 2009
Score : 6.7 fair
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TGA (TheGoldenAce), the creator of SuperDink revised what we knew as SuperDink and updated to Dink's Nightmare. There was supposedly tons of new features, but all I found was an extra shop or two.


No story what-so-ever. You just go around killing stuff level grinding your Dink.



Like most DMODs this DMOD has no new graqphics. So, I'll just rate this average.



All you do is kill, heal, kill, heal. Nothing but level grinding. No secrets like potions and gold, or secret weapons. All you do is kill and heal. I rated SuperDink high, but now that review does not exist, and Dink's Nightmare is no step up. So, I had high expectations for this release.

Overall, this DMOD is nothing special. It's mostly SuperDink updated with new shops and a new name and fixed title screen. Not good, but not half-bad.