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Dink's Nightmare

Me spamming Hellfire! at level 530!
December 2nd, 2009
Score : 7.5 good
Peasant He/Him Netherlands
The Voice in the back of your head! 
ok review time.

First of Dinks nightmare is a pure combat d-mod there's very little to no story line.

and now for the review.

Music: 6.0
Many of the tunes where classic game tunes hat brought back memories. and sometimes even it fitted the surroundings. but usually not. so it could have been better on that but is still enjoyable. so i give it a 6.0.

Graphics : 6.5
I saw no new graphics but i did see some unused monster sprites(unused in the original game). the spike enemy. but for the rest the origanl graphics where used good but i found it lacking some eye candy. but atleast it is better then over use of eye candy. so i gonna give this a 6.5.

monsters: 7.5
ok here are some spoilers so don't read if you don't want spoilers

as usual in the dink games the pillbugs weren't anywhere near though to beat. great for initial leveling.

The slimers where numerous and no match for my light sword wich i later found out i had prematurely and cheaper than supposed to (1000 gold cheaper), because the lady in the shop in the center of it sold it.(she actully is the same lady who sold dink the light sword in the original game)

the bonca's where thougher except the purple ones the where i cinch to defeat thanks to their infamous but(so yea i abused it )

the slayers i managed to ake them out before they even could touch dink so i can't give them some good analysis.

The goblins where also plentyful land to slow to give me a decent fight. so i simply took them all out for the exp.

the knigths where the first enemies to give me a decent fight. so on them i started to add to my def manually and a few levels later they to wussy to damage me. sigh

the new enemy the spike or atleast your spike. was annoying as it was quickly to speed up and kept getting faster. until it died. it's bigger brothers i found actually easier to beat sure they had more to hit me with but i also had more spike to hit. and seemed to have about the same amount of health.

the giants where strong enough to live up to their name but because when i got to them hellfire was so overpowered that it took 2or 3 blasts to take out an entire screen of them. including the giant giants.

And i found the dragons to be a disappointment. when i got there i only had mega-potion boost in magic and they seemed to be unable to hit me with their magic. so the only matter of self-defense they had would be their touch-damage. but they never could get close because i just rained hell-fire on them.

the addition of the screenlocks was aggrevating but did add to the game. but i missed the addition of boss-ish enemies to fight. all the enemies where an entire species so i cou;dn't call any of them a boss.
so there where some flaws in them but if you get more expierenced you could work them out. and some boss-ish enemies would have been nice too. so overall i give it a 7.5.

Story: *N/A*
like i said little to no story line so i'm not giving a rating there.

Difficulty: 8.5
challenging but not though.

The good:
the map is big and there are plenty of monsters to slaughter. now normally i i'd considder it a bad to have that many monsters but this is a pure combat d-mod so it is supposed to be that way.
many of the music where classics ond calming to listen to. and yet some got me in the fighting mood.

The bad:
i could not only git the light sword prematurely i also could get it cheaper then it was intended to. so that reduced the effort t i had to put in in the d-mod.
Hellfire was price but overpowered. i only had mega potion magic boosts when i got it but it still made mincemeat out of the stone giants.
the later enemies seemed to only upgrade in size not in anything else but still gave a lot more exp.
the dragons where way to easy to defeat. when i met them they where completely defenseless against my rage.

overall score 7.5

fit for: who feel like a slaughter fest or want to hone their combat skills.
December 26th, 2009
Score : 6.7 fair
Peasant He/Him
I Bring Tidings of Spam 
TGA (TheGoldenAce), the creator of SuperDink revised what we knew as SuperDink and updated to Dink's Nightmare. There was supposedly tons of new features, but all I found was an extra shop or two.


No story what-so-ever. You just go around killing stuff level grinding your Dink.



Like most DMODs this DMOD has no new graqphics. So, I'll just rate this average.



All you do is kill, heal, kill, heal. Nothing but level grinding. No secrets like potions and gold, or secret weapons. All you do is kill and heal. I rated SuperDink high, but now that review does not exist, and Dink's Nightmare is no step up. So, I had high expectations for this release.

Overall, this DMOD is nothing special. It's mostly SuperDink updated with new shops and a new name and fixed title screen. Not good, but not half-bad.