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Dink's Friendly Double

January 27th, 2003
Score : 7.7 good
Peasant Female
Purpose: This file lets you add an extra Dink in the original Dink Smallwood.

Installation: Unzip the file into the folder named in the readme.txt and overwrite the files.

Use: Press M while playing and another Dink will appear.

Good: It is a very nice idea to have a helping hand during fights, and it actually looks real funny. You can just stand aside when the double fights and after that you can pick up the goodies. The original files are included as well, with an .e extension, so the only thing you have to do if you want everything back to normal is to change the names of these files and copy them to the story folder. Apart from the .d files, there are also .c files, so you can see how this was scripted.

Not so good: As the author states, the double will start to fight only after you have switched screens, and it does not work with any screen locks.

Remark: The readme.txt says that this is 'Dink's Helpful Double' while the title on this page is 'Dink's Friendly Double'. I guess the double is both helpful and friendly.

Overall: A nice file.

Fit for: If you want to cheat, you are better of with a cheat, but as an extra to the Dink Smallwood game it sure is funny.
September 8th, 2002
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Male Australia
Not a bad add-on and as Dan says it doesn't do some things... One of them is that it only targets brain 9 sprites. A better friendly Dink would be one in which you can select what enemy Dink should attack - from a duck, pig, bonca, slayer etc. As let's face it Dink likes to kill ducks! That would be cool. Not having Dink attack straight away is a drawback... or die until the next screen - hmmm. Overall 7 out of 10.
June 2nd, 2002
Score : 8.0 good
Noble Male United Kingdom
This is a pretty original and cool add-on. You will know that basically, at the touch of a button, you can create another Dink to fight with you. I have never actually used this to help me in a d-mod, but have used it in order to create a person who follows you aroound helping yo fight in another d-mod. Very good