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Dinkablo II: Shadow and Flame

Dink reaches a permanent dead end. From the COTPATD project.
April 5th, 2003
Score : 8.9 good
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Dinkablo II: Shadow and Flame Demo by Firelake.

The Good: Demos scare me a little as not many of them are continued into full games. This was a good demo, which gave me a glimpse of what could be, if it gets finished. The background and monsters were as per usual, but the storyline and the hints of what *may come*, fill me with anticipation, Not many save bots, with the first being cleverly hidden, but I beleive that was the intention of the author. The scenery, which we have seen many a times, was rather simple, but being a demo...could less be more? No major bugs that I could find. But hey..who was that strange being at the end of the demo?

The Bad: Only 3 save bots, the usual pillbugs/slimers/boncas and spikes and like I said above..rather a bland scenery, but being a demo it could vastley improve.

Overall: A nice little demo, to what I really hope is the beginings of a good Dmod.