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Dink Smallwood

Here fishy fishy! Maybe his cousin or long lost brother
January 20th, 2003
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant Female Canada
We can out-drink most Americans! 
Dink Smallwood v 1.06

Dink Smallwood is a young pig farmer, who upon the death of his mother, goes to live with his aunt, where he encounters many an adventures.

The Good: This is THE game. The one that started it all, and as I was playing it these past few days, I recall what an impact it had on me when it first came out (in freeware).
The scenery is lush, lots of save bots and this was our introduction to the: pillbugs, slimers, boncas, slayers, stone giants and goblins. Some in different colours, to show the different strengths and speeds. The game is vivid, with boulders to be shoved out of the way to underground caves and yes, lots of burnable treesí. The wizards make their appearances, and we see the usual townsfolk and (annoying) ducks. There are probably a few hardness bugs ( donít I always get stuck in a tree?), but now I canít seem to recall what they are. Lots of magic/defense/strengths potions scattered all over the place, 5 main weapons to buy (eventually) and the speed shoes. Music is good, with sound effects for everything. Other secrets to find, all in order to defeat the `evil Sethí.

The Bad: The only thing I could really see wrong with the game, was the boulders/rocks/logs at the mountain base. When I first played the game I figured it was something important and was constantly hacking away at it (or throwing bombs). I later found out, that it was to have been something, but they ran out of time (or something)

Overall: A wonderful game, which will give anyone hours of enjoyment. I introduced the game to my nephew, whereas he got into the game with a gusto that surprised me. People today are still playing this game, getting stuck, looking for whatnots, and how to beat the whateverís. It's nice to know that a RPG game that was made so long ago, is still going as strong as ever.