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Dink Smallwood

June 9th, 2003
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant Male
Dink Smalwood- A young pig farmer, that hates milder and knoes what is humor. Well.. i dont want to say the whole story about game, because a lot of other people already did it. Well.. in these days this game isnt the best or something, but it reached very much.... what other game survived 6 years without a "part II"? i guess only few lucky ones. Well.. uin these days graphics arent very good, but game is realeased in 97!. Too bad it takes only 640x480 screen and 256 colours. Well... for graphics i would give about 7 , but the game is realeased 6years ago, so i give it 9.6 point for graphics.

Well... sounds are quite goos midids, wehn you play you just forget about it. not much to say, im not very good at sounds, so ill give 9.9 for it.

What about gameplay, is that *IT IS* good. Very good. Maybe a littleparadoxal, that a "boy loses mother and hunts evil monsters", but I just liked it. I guess you should start downloading Dink Smalwood NOW. (9.9).

About bugs and errors, i almost didnt find any, maybe few places where i get stuck and like that... i will give 9.8 for it.

After all i think 9.8 Would be fair enough. its a good game, exeptional, but there are still some problems with it in these days.... So i give....