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January 23rd, 2006
Score : 9.0 exceptional
'Twas a very pleasant surprise to find this file, and I commend Merlin his hard work! I'm extremely happy to write so positively in my very first review on the Dink Network!
NB My piano is out of commission at present, so the difficulty rating system is an estimation (albeit an education one!). It certainly serves as a guide however.

There are ten pieces in PDF format included in this file, all professionally notated, clearly readable and with very useful midi files accompanying each one. The most obvious failing of all ten, is the lack of dynamic and expression markings, as well as MM tempo indicators. Although the more accomplished pianist will happily play without these, they are helpful to the beginner (maybe you could add them in an updated version Merlin? Or I could email you my own scribbled suggestions?)

Some notes, a difficulty rating, and my opinion of each piece follows:
AGAE-27: Very catchy, its syncopated rhythm appealed a great deal. Like several of the pieces in this set, big hands (which I certainly do not have) are an asset, especially in the rather difficult baseline. Difficulty 7/10

CREEPING SANDS: Big grin! Expression markings would be most useful... treble semiquavers (G&A) sound a bit strange in the midi file, but a trill would be fine when actually played on the instrument itself. Difficulty 4.5/10

FIAT-3: More lyrical than the above pieces, but unforunately quite short (loop). The third line could be offputting, as it looks more compex than it really is due to the cluttered notes (but this is almost unavoidable, and doesn't negatively reflect on Merlin in any way). Difficulty 4/10 (as it is short and repetitive)

MYSTERY ISLAND-PIRATE: The most difficult feature of this piece is its counting, and even this isn't particularly difficult. Its quite a repetitive piece, but made me want to get up and dance all the same. Difficulty 6.5/10

SOB-16: I imagine its a lovely piece to play (if you like the Romantic style, or more lyrical works). Its is completely open to interpretation in terms of expression and dynamics, but the lack of markings may be a negative to beginner's, as there is little in the way of direction. It doesn't appear too difficult, though still sounds really pretty, a definite plus. DifficultY: Technically 3.5/10 Musically/Expressively 8/10

AGAE-354: Big hands are really helpful in this one! Admittedly not one of my favourites... Difficulty 5.5/10

DS-LIVELY: All in the base clef, counting again is the most difficult component of the piece. I almost wish it had words actually, poignant lyrics would suit the melody delightfully. Difficulty 5/10

FIAT-21: Baseline isn't too interesting, particularly at the beginning, but perhaps this leaves room for improvisation. The polyphony sounds clumsy in midi format, and more expression is needed for it to be suitable for the piano, and allow the melody its true beauty. The semi-quavers (in midi) just sound wrong. Originally used in Final Fantasy, perhaps it works better there. Difficulty 4/10

PARIZAYA THEME: Worse than Liszt if you don't have bloody big hands (You're forced to leave out notes)! Note a huge fan of this one either... it has lots of accidentals (particularly sharps, when I prefer flats) and a few modulations, which keeps it interesting. Requires either a fair amount of time or considerable sightreading ability. Difficulty 8/10

SOB-THEME: Gets progressively more difficult as it moves on, too many notes for my little hands! (Although the effect, even leaving out certain unreachable notes in the big chords, is the same). Again markings would significantly improve this piece. It is the hardest work included in the set, and thus is only suitable for the accomplished pianist. Difficulty 9.5/10

All in all, a very downloadable file for Dinking pianists! Congratulations Merlin, this is quite a success!

Final Score: 9.0 (Though could easily improve with dynamic and expression markings)

January 16th, 2006
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Bard Netherlands xbox
Lazy bum 
This file is awesome. I don't play piano, but for the peope that do, download this! I don't think I have to tell anyone here how cool it is to play songs from the most populair D-Mods (and indeed, SoB may be the hardest song to play!) and also 1 or 2 original Dink songs have been included. The sheet music is on PDF, and is very clear and professionally done. With every song, a midi is included so you can hear with the song must sound like (especially cool for beginners).

This is without a doubt one of the most original Dink downloadables to date, kudos to Merlin.

June 10th, 2005
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant Male United States xbox steam
The world could always use more heroes 
You know, I wish the music was on clarinet but I would have a hard time though. I have always wanted to see something like this and now i have an excuse to learn piano and get good at it 'cause i suck right now. hehehe. Definately a cool thing to do. If anyone can translate it to clarinet and puts it for download, I'll be the first to play it. But piano's cool. Im definately giving this a 9.0.
November 14th, 2004
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant Male
This pack has sheet music of 10 songs of Dink Smallwood and dmods. The author has included the midi + .pdf-sheet of the songs.

I've always wanted to play Dink music on piano as well - this is an excellent idea, but I find most of these songs not to my personal liking.

Definetely needs more songs I think, but anyways a brilliant idea.