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Dink and the Chins

Dink fights some kind of horrible chin-man. From the COTPATD project.
September 16th, 2015
Score : 6.6 fair
There is no way for me to say it any other way; this is a BAD DMOD. But it's a pretty funny joke. The idea of running around collecting chin lint to help take down the ultimate chin being is pretty incredible, especially if you recognize who it is. It would be a challenge to make a full DMOD out of this idea so I will rate it for what it is: a joke.

And for that, it's not half bad!
February 17th, 2015
Score : 6.7 fair
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I'm new to this forum, so because I'm new, when I joined, I took the time of seeing and reading different threads and creating different opinions about different people. Around these people, there is a user called Skurn. Many people think this user's mods suck. least Skurn tries to contribute to the forums! Since I joined, I didn't do anything(only write a bunch of reviews). And that's why I like Skurn's dmods! Because Skurn tries,at least!
When 2015 started, I saw that Skurn already posted 2 dmods! I never played one of the mods Skurn created to I decided to give one of them a try. I came upon " Dink and the Chins "


Story: Um...... If you want a real story and background....there isn't. THERE IS THOUGH a small story. Dink must kill chins and their supreme lord. Of course(i think) this dmod was made for pure fun, so you gotta admit the story is kinda funny....but small. Right after you kill the boss, the screen goes to the main menu.

5.0 : the story is fun but short

Graphics: Apart from the default house, NEW GRAPHICS HAVE BEEN IMPORTED! AND YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT:~~chins~~ .To be honest, at first I though they were honey booboo's chins, but then I saw the boss(which btw is a new graphic too!! )

6.0 : chins are funny, the boss was even funnier

Gameplay: Um... you fight chins and collect lints(coins) which then you can trade for some ULTRA MEGA upgrade that will make you immortal. Doesn't it sound...INTERESTING?!!?!??!? So yeah, after you buy the ULTRA MEGA upgrade from the small girl, you then enter RIGHT INTO BATTLE WITH THE SUPREME LORD OF CHINS. ( A battle which you can win flawlessly, in 5 secs.) While you battle the boss, he questions why his chin minions don't kill Dink! (If this doesn't sound funny then I don't know what will)

7.5 : The gameplay is good, funny, and.....weird? a little

Sounds and Music: There are no custom sounds BUT there is custom music! Maybe it's created by Skurn, maybe not. I dunno. It's catchy, it's custom, do you need anything else?

6.5 : Music is catchy but not much( maybe because there are only 4 screens in the game and the author wanted to give the impression of music diversity by putting different music on every screen.)

After all: The game is obviously intended not to be taken seriously, that's why the story is funny, the enemies are funny, the boss is funny. Everything about this game is funny.
Recommended for people who want a quick small laugh.

From me you have(drumroll): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~6.7~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~