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Cypry's Warrior Skills Pack

January 21st, 2006
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Bard He/Him Netherlands
I object 
Cypry's Warrior Skills Pack contains two magic spells, the Berseker Charge and WarCry2. It also contains a handy test-DMOD.

WarCry: This spell is also downloadable as a stand alone file, but that's the older version of this spell. What it does is that it freezes all brain 9 and brain 10 sprites on a screen for five seconds. This worked pretty well for me. The only thing is that the sound of the WarCry will drive you mad if you use it too often. The sp_gold trick to make enemies resistant to the attack is a pretty good idea in my opinion.

Berseker Charge: This is a pretty novel idea, what you do is basically let Dink assault an enemy by running at it. You can't steer Dink when he is running, and when he hits something hard (or the edge of the screen) he's frozen for 2.5 seconds (not quite long enough in my opinion). One of the problems is that Dink is stopped by sprites without nohit, this means that if you forget to give your grass nohit the spell is pretty useless. Another problem is that the sound is even worse then the one from WarCry, I didn't like it.

Cypry worked hard to make the file understandable for (beginning) DMOD-author, with mixed results. The readme file is very clear, it contains info on how to get this spell up and running in your DMOD and info on how the spells work (roughly). Also the scripts are commented, so you get how it works. But this is not done as well as the readme. I noticed this especially in the script dam-bc.c. (Maybe that had something to do with the loop and if commands, which are not done as efficiently as they could have)

So, my overall impression? It contains two spells that could definitely be used in a DMOD. The commenting could use a bit more of "Change this to change the spell's behaviour in this way" to make it easier for beginners. But hey, at least the scripts have comments! So overall a very useful file