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Crowns of Stone

Title Screen
January 17th, 2020
Score : 9.1 exceptional
Peasant She/Her
Lady Silberfarben, mighty ruler of the Silbershire 
Ok SlipDink!
Your review.
As promised!

This great Dmod, based on SabreTrout's 'Valhalla,' follows Dink in a quest to save his King from being eternally petrified. No, not scared, turned to stone, literally petrified . Quite a few things happen in this Dmod; Dink discovers many different kinds of villages and towns, which to me is the major plus.


Music: I don't normally play games with sound, and even if I did, I wouldn't be able to qualify it, since there are many different kinds of likes, as there are people.

The monsters:

Some monsters,(THE RATS!) were sometimes very difficult. they have big sprites which are hard to hit, and are very fast. however, once you get the trick(hiding in the bottom of the screenlock) they are easier. the rest of the monsters were very well balanced, always tending to hard, which I like.
bThe Bad:/b

Plot 'Messability.'

There is no way(That I found) to mess the plot. However, sometimes I felt scared I would end up in the wrong place, or Something of that sort.

i repeat, this is impossible, but still I was scared the first time.


Some parts of the game felt unnecessarily large, with many screens there just to make the map larger, instead of adding to the gameplay.

End sequence:
The boss was, to say it bluntly, better in the beta testing.
In the beta version, the boss had an obvious walking pattern, and not many kinds of attacks.

In the current version, the skeletons freeze me and bug me to death if I load a gamesave in the screen they spawn.
Hashut is so fast, that when I stop, he is already hitting me from behind.
If I manage to hit him, it does no damage, and he triggers a super cannon which makes crossing the screen very hard, and makes it harder to run from hashut.
after that, my attacks do biNO/i/b damage. Sometimes, it freezes for no reason.
Suffice to say I did not manage to kill him. sometimes I didn't even get to him, since the skeletons, despite being very very weak, left me frozen too.

Major small bug

the grass near the moogle house in the forest has the script of one of the petrified people. every time i touch that grass dink wonders what the guy was doing before he got 'stoned'

this was very funny.


The villages.
I really liked the villages, they were varied and very fun to explore. except for the frozen village, which only had one building you could enter.

Quoting Skull: "It seemed like every character was real, just living their life, yet they all had some sort of a part in your quest. I liked this a lot. You also had to go back and forward a little bit, which was great, so it wasn't all just linear."

The Temple:
Bit of spoilers, the temple where you get the gloves is very interesting in gameplay. Took me a few tries but is worth it!

The plot.

Amazing too, you constantly find more about the evil plans of Hashut. And you never get bored, with new gameplay options and smallQuests to keep it interesting even more.


A must-play For ye of the Dink.

It would be even better however if The end boss were fixed. However, It might be something related to my Dink?(I use Dfarc in linux)

It has many new ideas, while it still retains the feeling of old dink. although dink has a more stable moral compass in this adventure.

Play this and You will love it! just maybe you might have to read the (cool) ending in the scripts.