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April 21st, 2004
Demo 0-2
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant He/Him
I just downloaded it, because of the high place and the reviews. Even the title screen was different from the other dmods. It gave me a feeling of here comes a good dmod. Like I don't play demo's normally, only finished dmods.

So, I started the game, heard a little nice midi and i walked into the black waves... and died... second try ... This time I did smart . So I saved a girl and a guy. Then on the ship with the mad guy, i think it was a bit better than the ship to mistery island with the pukes. It was harder to solve... Also with the ice breaking under your feet. Getting poisoned by the slimes and pushing away hunderds of rocks, for nothing... I also like the option to stope cutscenes, very nice for if you die... So finally you've got to make a scan and save it in the memory stone, here stops the demo, too bad...

Propably it would be a good dmod if it gets finished, so I'm waiting for it...

OK, about the score, the music is good give it a 8.5

The map is well designed specially the ice that shows cracks when you walk over it and makes dink wet if he falls , I also like the other world, it has interesting graphics and is just totally new from the known dink graphics... So it'll be a 10.0.

Graphics, there are new graphics and they are good, as i already said, the otherworld is nice, in the rest of the game are not as much new graphics, but I still think that it's worth about 9.5.

Items, the new items are nice, Milder's sword is a nice idea, really original, I like them memmory stone also, just wanting to have it for french exams. Then you have also thescan spell, pretty cool idea. I'm going to give the originality a 9.7.

And there are bugs, too bad, but it's a demo, what would you expect? But, there aren't a lot of bugs, so the bugs that excist aren't really a problem to me. I liked the d-mod, so that is what counts for me: THE STORY

so I'm going to give it a 9.7, waiting for the full-version . And keep on saying, I liked this one.