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December 30th, 2002
Score : 9.6 exceptional
Peasant Male
This is the best thing i have seen in DN development files section.

A great dmod editor that has all sorts of abilities.

It has the ability to find bracket errors, which for me personnaly, is the one of the major reasons for my scripts not working properly. It can open play your dmod right from the editor, which saves time for when i go searching through my thousands of files for dinkfrontend. It can replace words for you, so instead of writing say_stop("bla bla bla", 1); you could do something like say_stop("bla bla ba end1, and then replace end1 with ", 1); . This file even comes with tutorials on almost everywthing you want need to know to make a begginners dmod. It can create run.bat and edit.bat in case you lose them. It even functions as a dink.ini editor, which is totally sweet, becomes it comes with a wizard- you dont ned to go back and forth trying to figure out what goes where, just type in the numbers you want in the right fields, and ur done!

I can only name one weakness that i was able to find, when you do an error check, i believe it only searches for bracket errors, it doesnt check to see if sy-stop('bla bla bla'. 2): makes any sense.

This is the greatest helper in making scripts, editing scripts, and editing the frustrating dink.ini
Download this if you make scripts, or if you want to see a great file =)