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Broken Windows

Yep FireFox is very dangerous with it's Tal Porn Dink admiring his latest work of art.
August 25th, 2011
Score : 9.6 exceptional
Peasant Male Finland bloop
"I'd like to be a tree..." 
Dink Smallwood has been around for over a decade. People always used to prove what you can do and accomplish with DinkC. However, recently it hasn't been such an easy task due to the amount of files The Dink Community has already been given. However, Sparrowhawk has managed to do something here, that has given an entirely new view of what you can accomplish with Dink's simple scripting language. This is one of the biggest breakthroughs in Dink's history, and when released, it had the miracle of changing one's point of view about DinkC, to a complete opposite, in just one day.

Dink starts out casually. He acts as in any D-Mod, until something goes wrong and he ends up in Windows. While fighting obstacles, and searching the surroundings, he tries to make his way back to his home world. During his adventure, he goes from Windows loading screen, to the desktop, to different programs and finally in the Dink folder.

This is basically just a fun little ride to demonstrate the breakthrough Sparrowhawk has been able to pull off with this D-Mod. However, I find it very awesome, that he took the time and managed to pull off an interesting and a casual story.

Well, from the story summary, you've probably already guessed that this is something totally different. It's out of the Dink World! You go around walking on the desktop. You can check different programs like Paint, for example. You can use Paint to draw things, which I still have no idea how Sparrowhawk pulled that off. You go through folders and even fight Mozilla's Firefox, who appears as a boss.

All in the gameplay is great. Taking the D-Mod's style into view, there is not much "normal Dink stuff" you can do, but it isn't supposed to have. The Firefox boss was a bit hard, but then again, it's the only boss in the game to provide at least some challence into it, so I think it's good the way it is.

Although, I think the status bar should have been removed. It seemed kind of out of place in the "Windows world".

The mapping before you enter Windows was great. But the mapping in the Windows is what really shines through. Okay, so the D-Mod doesn't have really what you would call "mapping", but everything perfectly resembles the real Windows, to the point you almost forget that you're playing it in the D-Mod window.

The new graphics are awesome, and directly taken from Windows XP. There were a lot of new awesome graphics. Everything is just as it is on a real computer and matches it perfectly.

There wasn't really that much music. At least that I can recall. The sounds throughout the game basically consisted of the real Windows sounds. Normally, I'd say the absence of music is bad, but in some cases it's actually good. I think considering the surroundings the game takes place in, this is just how it should be.

I'd have to say the game delivers everything it should and is one of the more major DinkC breakthroughs ever.

Only thing I can really think of is that the status bar doesn't fit in there. Maybe some of the stuff, such as program icons, folders and stuff like that, should have been left out considering you can't really click on them, which is kind of a tease. Other than that, it's just perfect.

A major breakthrough like I've stated a couple of times already. This D-Mod may not serve a great story not lots of exciting boss battles, puzzles and music, but it's more like a Development D-Mod than a real D-Mod anyway. Sparrowhawk just took the time to include a clever storyline with it as well, which is great. I give it 9.6.

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If you want to check out the power of DinkC, and have lots of fun for half an hour, check this file out now!
January 13th, 2011
Score : 7.5 good
My first thought on this is WOW

Gameplay 6/10
Im sorry to say that it wasent that great in this aspect the only fight is against mozzila firfox which is incredibly hard and i died a few times.
The good parts of this were the Paint and solitare program which for me where very very fun.

Humor 10/10
WOW best aspect of game =D
This was truely amazing i had a wondeful time with this.
The whole game from getting chucked out of the bar to Matridge hacking windows was just hilarious.

Graphics 8/10
Was very intresting seeing the windows desktop and all the programs in the D-MOD.
Personally I loved the paint program where you traced your footprints over the paper.
Nice job here.

Storyline 4/10
Not that great its just Dinks computer gets stuffed and he quits the game and leaves himself on the desktop.

Final 7.5/10
Good job here hope too see your next D-MOD soon
January 12th, 2011
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant Male Sweden steam
This is excellent.
I don't think I've ever played a D-Mod this well-made before.
It's just... great...

Dink is thorn out of the Dink world due to an error in windows, which needs to be shut down, but when the computer restarts Dink is still trapped in windows! He needs to find a way to come back to his home.

Along with a very clever idea it's also very well written and have tons of new graphics. There is so much to do and explore in the OS, which is fully functional with text editor, music player, image viewer, file browser, paint, and Firefox(!). It might very well be even better than the real XP

Almost everything's got a script attached to it, and the beautiful dialogues and monologues are hilarious and yet feel real and 'serious'. This is something I really like, you can feel the sweat and blood the author has put down in them.

The technical part of the scripting is very impressive, those are some of the best DinkC-codes I've seen. The "word", file browsing, paint, and (beginning of)the solitaire and pretty much everything is really complicated codes. I'm impressed!

The dmod also includes the real windows sounds and graphics which makes it feel real

Not very much.. but the solitaire isn't finished and some more programs would be fun, maybe some game

This is one of the best dmods ever; a really cool idea which was funny and exceptionally well made with lots of details and secrets.

January 12th, 2011
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Bard Netherlands xbox
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Once every few years there comes a D-Mod along of which I think to myself: "Truly this isn't possible with good old Dink? This can't be done! It's too good! How the hell was this author able to do this??"

What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is such a D-Mod. It's truly a unique. And I definitely mean unique in a good way.

Without spoiling too much (I hope), Dink enters Windows XP in this D-Mod, and with flair! There is so much to do, file browsing, text-editing, and trying out all sorts of stuff. All of these things are creative, fun and pretty dang clever. Scripting-wise this ranks among the absolute top. Graphics are sublime. Sound design is flawless.

The only real downside is that Solitaire isn't working (yet). And I'd love it if the D-Mod was longer. But hey, this D-Mod is going to be D-Mod of the year for me, of that I'm certain. And it's only january at the time of writing this.

Download this D-Mod.