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Broken Windows

Yep FireFox is very dangerous with it's Tal Porn Dink admiring his latest work of art.
January 13th, 2011
Score : 7.5 good
My first thought on this is WOW

Gameplay 6/10
Im sorry to say that it wasent that great in this aspect the only fight is against mozzila firfox which is incredibly hard and i died a few times.
The good parts of this were the Paint and solitare program which for me where very very fun.

Humor 10/10
WOW best aspect of game =D
This was truely amazing i had a wondeful time with this.
The whole game from getting chucked out of the bar to Matridge hacking windows was just hilarious.

Graphics 8/10
Was very intresting seeing the windows desktop and all the programs in the D-MOD.
Personally I loved the paint program where you traced your footprints over the paper.
Nice job here.

Storyline 4/10
Not that great its just Dinks computer gets stuffed and he quits the game and leaves himself on the desktop.

Final 7.5/10
Good job here hope too see your next D-MOD soon