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Animated Heavy Portcullis 1.1

The Portcullis in it's fave wall.
This is just a spiffy little portcullis graphics set and sound effect that may spice up any castles or forts in your DMOD. I've also included cropped wall graphics to fit around it. This version also contains a tutorial. Enjoy; with love from schnapper.
Released:November 14th, 2009
File Size:988.27 KB
Release Notes:Now with tutorial included.
June 17th, 2013
Score : 5.0 fair
It's a portcullis with heavy bars, that opens by retracting the bars inside the ground. Using some winch mechanism to grind the gate up would doubtlessly be a grueling task for the poor peon that drew a short straw between portcullis duty and milking boncas, so the portcullis is probably not suitable as a means of quickly blocking a gateway, which is a function portcullises were historically used for... But I digress.

The graphics look okay. The animation bothered me slightly. It looked like the bars were flickering in a most annoying manner, like what you sometimes get in Dink with overlapping shadows. It took a while before I realized that's actually just the black parts on the gate moving down. Portcullises shouldn't have weird black parts on them... Someone's been slacking off polish duty.

Also included are a castle wall with a hole in it, as in a gateway to place the portcullis in, and a sound effect of the heavy portcullis screeching into place. Both of these are well done. There are also 4 straight walls from Original Dink, but with the shadows removed. So that you can have castle walls inside...? I really don't know.

The file does NOT include dink.ini lines, a script for the gate nor a test dmod to see it in action, although it has a readme file (in the infernal .doc format) that lists the hardbox stuff. Why Schnapple didn't just add those directly is beyond me. There is also only one direction for the graphics, so you cannot get the portcullis opening at another angle. Someone's been slacking off angler duty.

In a word, this file is okay. It's not so great that you want to have it just because, but if you need a heavy portcullis, if you need to give those loser door guards some workout, if you need to have seven different obstacles blocking the entrance to the catacomb cave castle of Dink's anthropophobic dead grandfather... grab this.