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Adventures of Dink Smallwood Part 1: The Town of Rakuna

From the COTPATD project. Some slayers. A guy at a campfire.
February 27th, 2006
Score : 7.0 good
A D-Mod.

Graphics. Nothing new.

Story. You have to go and kill a guy (or dragon) called Firamin.

Music. Nothing new... still. Or maybe I'm bad at reviewing.

Sound. STILL nothing new. Still.

Map. I can't put it into words, but it's near "diverse".

Humour. Not bad.

Overall. A D-Mod which actually nothing new. Hovewer, that makes it oddly interesting. Just a regular D-Mod which I expected to see when I first time downloaded a D-Mod.

Total. It is 7. Or at least close to.