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And that's just the beginning of his name!
February 25th, 2006
Score : 1.0 horrible
AAAAAAH! A huge exceptional D-Mod, even better than SOB or FB3 or PQ- You can't even compare them! Duh. You can't compare them, that's the only fact. Ehasl didn't achieve 2 of his goals: Be funny NOR make the D-Mod with the longest name. Longest name so far, but soon, someone I would call a papupata, will release a D-Mod with an even longer name.

Graphics. Dink, duck and grass.

Music. Music?

Story. Absent.

Humour. Almost absent.

Map. 1 screen.

Gameplay. Absent.

Overall. I almost forgot my opinion! My opinion is ARGH. No D-Mod, no adventure, no fun. Dang.

Total. 1.