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A Day in the Life of Dink Smallwood

Testing out one of the new magic spells. Dink literally goes on a trip with the assistance of mushrooms. From the COTPATD project. Finding a secret potion.
July 27th, 2009
Score : 9.6 exceptional
I really like this d-mod. Most of the parts are funny, some of them have a lot of action and so on....
Story: It is ok: In the start Dink has too do the chores around the village, but later he has to find out what made the bloodbath in the village.
žGraphics and map: No new ones...too bad, but still old ones are used excellent. Map is also good.
Gameplay: All i can say is cool
Music: Ok..i guess...
Monsters aren't insane (very hard too kill), like some d-mods i played XD
Overall: Good, funny d-mod 9.6!!
You really deserved it
Keep up the good work!