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Peasant Male Germany
Tanke och tal!!! Ro! Ro in sinnets land!!! 
You who think the hue of your hide means you get to blame
The black for your own faults and so bring humanity shame
Make sure you count me out of the ranks of your inbred morons
With your sewer gas and kiss my Scandinavian ass

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2017-05-01 01:48:58
Peasant Male Germany
Tanke och tal!!! Ro! Ro in sinnets land!!! 
Okay I just want to say that ducking agree with everything FB said. We all need to ducking grow up. You ducking assholes don't need to go telling FB to shove what he said up his ass (yet), he's ducking new here and we barely ducking know him.
And I get the ducking vibe that some of you are going to ostracize him because he tried to do what he thought was right.

Keep zed out of the list, man. I like the guy. Sure he calls me barvomit, but I like that. It's good humor.

@the rest of you
Yeah sure I glorify war or whatever, but I guess I didn't ducking nail the point that I only glorify wars that are not unjust, into your ducking heads (my fault since I failed to do that)

Now for the ducking record. Sorry for telling rg to grow a ducking pair. It may ducking shock you to ducking know I sent a ducking apology pm to rg ages ago. He said no hard feelings.
Don't believe me? Then why don't you ducking ask him.
Yes I called him a goth, but like scratcher said that was me just,acting like an asshole and joking around. I didn't even read the first when I posted the goth post. But I did read all the ducking posts when I posted the stuff later on. No I didn't say those things for the sake of trolling (except the goth post)

Now to go on about some other crap.
So what if I have a German flag and pretend I am in Germany. That's how I am. My ancestors came from Germania after the civil war. Are family has a long military history. We fought the Romans at teutonberg forest. We served under General Von Blucher. We even fought and lead a rebellion. No I am not making this shit up to make me sound more important and greater than you. Just merely stating that I am proud of my heritage, and none you guys can tell me that it's evil and make me turn my head away.
I'm sure that 99% of you people have such,family histories more interesting than mine or whatever.
Sure I maybe some meat head warrior figure, but that's who I am, and nothing can change that because I love it.
I have love and respect for human life. Like I said before, you don't know me in person.
Charles Dickens.
Wrote several boring stories or whatever many of which are down right depressing. But the one story he wrote I loved was Christmas Carol. By book Dickens seemed normal and sad or whatevwr, but in real life he was a vile man who treated lower class people like shit and would whack them with sticks and shit like that.
I guess what I'm trying to say (in a rather complicated way) is that you just can't ducking judge anyone online simply by text. In fact kris or skurn said that to me on rg's thread.

You picture me a man against human life and the earth. Well let me tell you people something, I have respected life and mother earth than any of you ducking assholes put together. Like I said before mother earth is my greatest mother. You know why god lets mankind suffer? Because we are doing it to ourselves. You take from motherearth but do you give back to her anymore? Well I do. Many ask why does god allow mankind to suffer from disease. Well here's the answer. Yes there is disease, but god created antidotes for these things. Many if not all of these diseases were caused by man in the first place.
The black death was carried by rats, right? Well the rat population was so high because why? We were killing all the ducking cats thinking we were killing familiars. So there were hardly any cats left to keep the rat pop down.
Now cancer. How many cases of cancer did you here of before the 1900's. Practically none. We started building,nuclear power plants which is one of the main obvious causes of cancer. Why did we make the hydro electric dam obsolete? Sure it polluted the water a little but which is more dangerous? Dams or destructive nuclear shit?

(Sorry didn't mean to take that turn back there)

Mainly I wasn't going to sit still and let you guys say shit FB (a new person who was obviously fed up with this place the first day he got here)

So what if you disagree with my posts, doesn't mean you have to ANSWER them. Just ducking ignore it.

Now I will only apologize to the following.


Sorry,for making life on dn uncomfortable for you.
Hopefully after this night the fires will go out and the dn shall return to it's old glory.

I apologized to you already rg. So no point in doing it again.

Now skurn and kris. I hate your ducking guts as much as you hate mine. But FB has a point we 3 have been acting,like ducking schoolchildren. It has to stop. We have been going about this for a long time now and if it anywhere, let it be here and now. As for my infamous thread kiss your ass goodbye. I went to redink and had it removed long ago.

Let things go back to the way they were. Let the halls anger be filled with laughter and joy again.

I have more stuff to say, but I grow weary.

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