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Stone of Balance

Water magic redux
August 30th, 2016
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant He/Him
I Like War. 
This d-mod is the best one I have played yet! It has all the making of a good quest, it's long, it has humor, a lot of sub-quests, and most importantly a great plot. Simeon Klaebe balanced it (no pun intended) at the right difficulty level. The obstacles are more than adequate.

The graphics are very well done, I enjoyed his genie graphics. Then there are the, uh, genital graphics but that is something you will have to find out for yourself. If someone wanted to play an epic that had a lot of fighting, humor, sex, this would be the D-mod I would recommend. Also it kind of inspires you to make an epic D-mod yourself.

The midi's he picked were fitting for what was going on in the game.

This is all that I have to say about the D-mod. I'll repeat what I said, I RECOMMEND IT!

Baphomet over and out.