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I'm Logan/amoebalord. One of the old timers.

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2014-12-16 21:02:44
Glad to hear there's still some interest.

The demo suffered from bugs and quite a bit of vague-ness. I'm re-writing some of the story and characters because they're fairly weak. The demo sets it up for a passe "Save the world" quest...the later story adds conflicts of moral ambiguity and mental illness. with just enough "Save the world" to keep it traditional

I've been hoping to make it an epic, but it may turn out to be a quest. There's three "stories" and two dungeons complete, so it's about half finished. Screenshots to come.

Demos usually end up unfinished, huh. I always wanted to see Okaly D Dink and Back from the Grave completed.

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AmoebaLord's Custom Songs Midi PackDevelopment, MusicGood 8.1June 11th, 2002

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