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Stone of Balance

September 1st, 2002
Score : 9.6 exceptional
Ah, SoB. Well, before I state my mind I'll say something: SoB is much, much too attached to sex. From what I heard by some of the other reviews, I expected a DMOD, almost better than POTA. However, for the sex/nudity in the game, I'm lowering the score. Ok, on with the review.

Story 1- Brilliant! Truly brilliant! It very well balances humour, gameplay, and sound. The storyline of this plot: the queen as made a declaration that everyone must sing. If you talk, she'll throw you into prison. Final Verdict: the best part of the game (9.8

Story 2- This land is called the Maze of Deadalus. Simon, I think, did a very good job on this. Who would have thought that a boring, overused, maze, could be so fun. Simon added fireballs that shoot through the maze, and really added to the excitment. Final Verdict: Good, but not that great. (9.3)

Story 3- This next land is named: the Desert of Thirst. It's also very good, but still, not as good as a few others. The plot of this story is people are freezing because of double-insalated stone walls. You first, have to collect firewood, I won't tell the rest if you haven't played it. Final Verdict: A great part of the game, but still, not the best. Final Verdict:
The concept was original, but it wasn't as fun as the others. (9.5

Story 4- This is my 2nd favorite part, The Land of Reverence. 4 religions in one land isn't a totally new concept, but Simon, like Story 2, could really spice it up. Final Verdict: I wasn't disappointed, and you won't be, either. (9.7)

Story 5- The next land, The Touch of King Midas, wasn't so fun, but I still enjoyed it. You probably could tell what it's about from the title, but here I go anyway: A curse has been put upon King Midas, and anything he touches turns to gold. You, being a hero and all, have to lift the curse. The puzzle was brilliant, and it's hard to figure out. Final Verdict: Most definately not as fun as the previous stories, but still very entertaining. (9.5)

Story 6-
Ok, this story is sick. I didn't really like it, but I kept oging in hopes that the next land would be much more fun. There's not much to say about it, but if you're under say, 14, I wouldn't reccomend it. Final Verdict: Too attached to sex. (7.0)

Story 7- The final boss. This is mildly amusing, but don't expect a motherload of gameplay. You fight a strange enemy, and recievethe final fragment of the stone of balance. The boss is very tough, but there is a good way to kill him I won't reveal. Final Verdict: A good way to exersise your abilites, but not much gameplay. (8.6)

Overall- A great epic, not as good as POTA, but better than LoT and AGAE. Download this epic if you tire from the short, boring romps. (9.6)