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As Good as Eternity Graphics Pack

Some of the graphics in the As Good As Eternity Graphics Pack
July 3rd, 2002
Score : 8.6 good
I think the AGAE graphics pack is pretty good, so I'll say the goods and the bads. GOODS
I did like the ice dragon graphic, but I didn't see an ice dragon carcass (good for my D-MOD, The Return of Bishop Nelson). I also liked the wizard. It gives more of a choice than that midget wizard. It didn't take much time to download (even on my PII). BADS
As said above, it doesn't have an ice dragon carcass. Not as many graphics as preferred (though I don't want to be picky). The computer nerd didn't look like it was in the original (it doesn't look so natural with the other graphics). That's about all I'll say for now.