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Recent Release Rumble Q4 2009

It's RRR time again! This time, you can vote for your favorite files released in Q4 2009. A whopping 30 files have been released this quarter, so make sure to vote!

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The basic rules of the RRR are as follows:

1) You can vote for one D-Mod and for one Non D-Mod file. You cannot vote for two D-Mods or two Non D-Mod files.
2) Voting is done by posting a reaction in this topic with your choice.
3) You can not change your vote. So make sure you think before voting!
4) Only "well known" members are allowed to vote. This means that no ghosts or really new accounts can vote. This is done to prevent people from voting with alternate accounts.
5) Discussion about the files is encouraged. But please, no spamming or attacking other members!
6) The two D-Mods and two Non D-Mod files with the highest amount of votes of each RRR will participate in the Download of the Year Awards for their respective category in february this year.

So what are you waiting for? Cast your vote! Voting ends next saturday.

The choices for this RRR include all files released between october 1st and december 31th. The choices are:

Non D-Mod files

Make More Mods!
Underground Sea
Animated Heavy Portcullis
Chests and Breakables
Inventory and status bar layouts
Give Up Ya Cookies
Mystery Island Help Map
Ghost Castle
Spiffy Dink Desktop
Dink Icons
Dink Wallpaper 1
Dink Wallpaper 2
Dink Smallwood Wallpaper
Where's Your Head At?
Armour Demonstration
Midi Sample
Item - Quest Log
Colored Dink
Dink Wallpaper 3
Evil Seth's Christmas Wallpaper
Snow to Grass Tiles


The Quest for Not Quite as Lame
Dink's Nightmare
The Defeat of the Terrorists
The Bonca Hunt
The Lost Shoes
Day of the Carcass