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Ghost Castle

3 files inverted and re-colored and pieced together, it may not work...

(the wall piece is in the corner)
Released:November 25th, 2009
File Size:59.65 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
November 27th, 2009
Score : 0.0 horrible
Peasant Male Australia
Let me heat that up for you... 
Now, I know Skorn *tried* to make something useful... but I think that the standards have definately been lowered. As with his last tileset, they have just been inverted. I can't believe that this would have taken a whole day for him, don't they write MS Paint tutorials for dummies?

Anyway, back to the files. He said there were three - I only found one. This review will just focus on that one file, as that is all I can really rate, as there wasn't much effort.

The file is in BMP format - probably one of the few good points. A downside is, though, that it isn't in the correct tileset naming format, making it harder for beginners (like Skorn) to figure out how to put these in their D-Mod (not that I, personally, would want to use this file). If a small readme had been included on how to use this file, it would have been better.

GRAPHICS: 0.0/10
EFFORT: 0.1/10

OVERALL; 0.5/10 (0.0/10)