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Recent Release Rumble Q3 2011 Results

The results for the RRR Q3 of 2011 are now in! Check the comments to see the results.

There where a total of 15 votes for the non-D-Mod files. The winner earns a description in his/her file and the top two files qualify for the download of the year awards!

Only one D-Mod was released during this quarter of 2011, Castman's Goblin Wars - Breaking Point automatically won, which means that Dinkers weren't allowed to vote for D-Mods this time.

Here are the results:

Non-D-Mod files:

4th place:
Avoca (New Monster!) by Iplaydink (0 votes, 0% of total)

Zeddexx's SFX pack by Zeddexx (0 votes, 0% of total)

3rd place:
ZAWMBEEZ!! by Absolution (1 vote, 7% of total)

Recolored Wall Pack by ExDeathEvn (1 vote, 7% of total)

2nd place:
Darklands Cliffs 'n' Road by Castman (2 votes, 13% of total)

1st place:
Shady Stranger by MsDink (11 votes, 73% of total)

Congratulations to the winner!