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Peasant Male Brazil
Some day I'll finish my mod... Some day... 
Hi, my name is Daniel, I'm Brazilian but I don't know any monkey.

I'm currently thinking about start (over again) to Mod, well, that's not much but my first romp is coming, later, a quest to continue it's story.

See you later

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2010-04-24 11:19:08
Peasant Male Brazil
Some day I'll finish my mod... Some day... 
Well, God really exist and created us all? I dunno and no-one will know it until it dies...

In my theory we believe in God because we need to. The humans and universe creation must have a remote starting point which will never be explained fully 'cos any explanation will ask for another begin, to solve that we use this simple answer God. I'm not assuming if He exists or don't, even I believe that Someone is watching us all to avoid madness...

What if today a scientific journal announces that God doesn't exists and life has no sense? Why wouldn't you be a murder, robber and sort of? If every single person could believe that no-one will be there watching us our world would be chaotic.

I believe that scientific dedutions are trustable, believe that real is what you can see would keep us stopped in the presenr time, "Future? I can't see that! But today exists so I will spend all my money! Who cares about tomorrow! ".

Generally God is the answer to the unasnwered questions, the ancient Greeks believen that Sun was a giant ball carried throung the skies by Apollo, seems crazy today, but, was God wasn't he?

Finish: We will never find if God exists or don't and we must not find it for our safety and sanity, but we must keep trying to! So we can understand how thing were/are/will be.
Science is there for that, try to find answers to the 'unanswerable' ( ), without suppositions and theories that seemed fake or absurd we would be right now at Demeter's Temple praying for a year plenty of food.

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Darklands Cliffs 'n' RoadDevelopment, GraphicsGood 8.0September 4th, 2011
Goblin Wars - Breaking PointD-Mod, RompFair 6.3July 17th, 2011
Dink Smallwood FreeMapDevelopment, UtilityExceptional 9.0November 9th, 2010
Dink Smallwood at the City of the DeadD-Mod, DemoFair 6.3December 29th, 2007

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