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Recent Release Rumble Q3 2009 Results

After counting the votes for last quarter's RRR, we now present to you the results! Click on comments to check 'em out.

In total, there were 17 votes per category, an increase over last time's RRR. The winners earn a mention in their file's description (like: "Best D-Mod of Q3 2009") and, along with the numbers two, qualify for the Download of the Year awards.

Non D-Mod files

9th place
Business (0 votes, 0% of votes)
Skorn's Dark Beach Graphic (0 votes, 0% of votes)
Cliff (0 votes, 0% of votes)
Tile Making Kit (0 votes, 0% of votes)
Green Dwarf Graphics (0 votes, 0% of votes)
DFArc 3 source code (0 votes, 0% of votes)

5th place
Respec (1 vote, 5.9% of votes)
Dink Smallwood Worldmap (1 vote, 5.9% of votes)
Dressup Dan Utility (1 vote, 5.9% of votes)
DFArc 3 (1 vote, 5.9% of votes)

3rd place
Legacy of the Dead Dragon Carcass (MIDI Pack) (2 votes, 11.8% of votes)
Day of the Carcass teaser (2 votes, 11.8% of votes)

2nd place
Site For Me (4 votes, 23.5% of votes)

1st place
Chickens! (5 votes, 29.4% of votes)


6th place
Legend of the Ancients: The Capture (0 votes, 0% of votes)

4th place
A Day in the Life of Dink Smallwood (1 vote, 5.9% of votes)
Old Hero New Thief (1 vote, 5.9% of votes)

3rd place
The Bomb (3 votes, 17.6% of votes)

2nd place
The Savebot Massacre (4 votes, 23.5% of votes)

1st place
Dink and the Bonca (8 votes, 47.1% of votes)

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks for voting!