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Recent Release Rumble Q1/Q2 2009

Remember the DOTM awards? Well, it's dead. Mr. None probably killed it.

There is no use dwelling in the past though. There's something better now! Give a warm welcome to the Recent Release Rumble! The Recent what? Check out the comments, silly.

The Recent Release Rumble (RRR) (not to be confused with a certain party game) is basically the DOTM awards, but better. Instead of a monthly contest, the Recent Release Rumble is being held quarterly. The basic rules are as follows:

1) You can vote for one Development file and for one D-Mod. You cannot vote for two D-Mods or two Development files.
2) Voting is done by posting a reaction in this topic with your choice.
3) If you want to vote anonymously, send a private message with your vote to Scratcher or Christiaan.
4) You can not change your vote. So make sure you think before voting!
5) Only "well known" members are allowed to vote. This means that no ghosts or really new accounts can vote. This is done to prevent people from voting with alternate accounts.
6) Discussion about the files is encouraged. But please, no spamming or attacking other members!
7) The two Development files and the two D-Mods with the highest amount of votes of each RRR will participate in the Download of the Year Awards for their respective category in february next year.

So what are you waiting for? Cast your vote! Voting ends next saturday.

The choices for this RRR include all files released in the first quarter as well as the second quarter. The choices are:

Development files

Cliff-water tiles
Duck Approved
Dink Smallwood FreeMap
Dink Approved
The Dink Smallwood quest script generator
An introduction to DMOD making
List of Available Sequences for Dink.ini


An Aeophian Adventure: Dink goes to Aeophia